The UBS Experience in Hong Kong

Written by Philippe Muff It was the last company visit of this year’s Insight China iteration. However, the information we received conveyed a tremendous amount of economic and developmental background knowledge to the members, mostly pertaining to the current topic “40 Years Opening and Reform”. After being cordially welcomed by Mr. Dominic Schnider, introductory words … Continue reading The UBS Experience in Hong Kong


Written by Changeetha Chandresegaran For the first time since establishing the International Student Project Insight China, the delegation had the chance to visit the company ChemChina at their headquarters in Beijing. ChemChina is a state-owned enterprise established by reorganizing the subsidiary companies under the former Ministry of the Chemical Industry, People’s Republic of China. ChemChina … Continue reading ChemChina

Learning about Sustainability at the Universities in the US and Canada

Written by Barbara Matic In line with the topic "From Waste to Wealth" did the connectUS delegation not only visit companies at their On-Site study trip but also did the project explore the environmental challenges universities are facing in the corresponding countries. In the United States connectUS was learning about the sustainability goals of the … Continue reading Learning about Sustainability at the Universities in the US and Canada

Meet Panalpina & Google – Two Giants In Logistics & Technology!

Written by My Linh Nguyen Having an over-120-year history, Panalpina is one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain focusing on Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Logistics and Manufacturing, and Energy and Project Solutions. exploreASEAN team had a visit at Panalpina Logistics Center in Singapore. With more than 500 offices in around 70 countries, Panalpina … Continue reading Meet Panalpina & Google – Two Giants In Logistics & Technology!

Coopetition in ASEAN

Written by Anita Ferrara This year’s theme of exploreASEAN is called Coopetition in ASEAN, a mixture between competition and cooperation.Coopetition describes that the ten ASEAN countries are cooperating with each other while they are also competing in some aspects, which is crucial for each country’s economical and scientific development. Education, training, HR development, IT, tourism, … Continue reading Coopetition in ASEAN