Cultural Highlights of the International Student Projects

Written by Anita Ferrara

Time Square in New York, The Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal and Trang An in Vietnam – these are just some of the cultural highlights the four International Student Projects – connectUS, Insight China, exploreASEAN and Focus India – had the great fortune to visit on their On-Site Seminars. Have a look at the individual slideshows to get a glimpse of the cultural heritages the projects witnessed in the different regions!


The connectUS On-Site Seminar started in the city that never sleeps, New York. Being surrounded by skyscrapers, car noises and business people one or the other connectUS participant might have missed the landscape and peace of Switzerland very quickly. Nevertheless, our stay in such a huge city while visiting well-known companies like Google and AIG with an amazing view on the 32nd floor was quite impressive!

Be it New York, Los Angeles or Seattle, at every stop the people were extremely friendly and helpful as well as open to conversations and networking. Once in a while an American used the word – Excellent! Great Question! – and encouraged the connectUS members to ask more and don’t be ashamed of sharing his or her knowledge. Thanks to the American, openness great conversations emerged, and new cultural insights could be gained. With the same passion and motivation, we encountered the people of Canada. In comparison to the United States, the Canadians seemed to be more relaxed. Considering the lovely city center of Vancouver which is filled with trees and plants, the wonderful beach in walking distance or the mountains we were not surprised about their high living quality.
All in all, the On-Site Seminar was an amazing and enriching experience for the connectUS delegation, and we already have a feeling of nostalgia!

Focus India

Throughout our journey in India, the Focus India delegation was privileged to visit a few of India’s cultural treasures and heritage sites. A dream come true was for many to visit world’s most famous ivory-white mausoleum, the Taj Mahal. Or experiencing first-hand an Indian train ride, or practicing Yoga in the city of Yoga – Pune. These are just some of the cultural highlights we had, and we are pleased to share them with you in this slideshow.

Insight China

Our experience in China comprised various cultural highlights. The prime example would be The Great Wall, where not only the structure, but also the landscape provided a feast for the eyes. In terms of structures, the Shanghai skyline also proved to be sheer spectacle. Additionally, the forest of high rises in Hong Kong seemed never-ending and equally impressive. The society or way in life in China was another highlight. Tightly packed spaces, bustling masses of pedestrians and organized routines at choke points such as metro stations or tourist attractions made for a unique experience.


exploreASEAN has experienced three different countries during its on-site.
In Indonesia we experienced the great hospitality of the Indonesians and quickly realized how moderate the local population is and how warmly they welcome foreigners in their country. As a cultural experience, we went to Bandung and visited a local Batik manufacturer, where they produce very traditional Indonesian clothes, together with students from Institut Teknologi Bandung. In Singapore the first thing to experience was obviously Marina Bay Sands. A touristic attraction definitely worth visiting! We saw the water spectacle combined with a very fascinating light show in front of an impressive skyline. It is not the only lightshow to visit in the city state of Singapore, you can also watch the special light show at the Hanging Gardens in the super tree cove. In Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, we visited an ancient temple and paddled with a small canoe through the beautiful sceneries of Trang An. It was an awesome experience of Vietnam’s landscape. In Ho Chi Minh City we participated in a Koto Cooking class and were able to prepare the typical Vietnamese spring rolls ourselves. It certainly was a blast!