How Swiss companies innovate nowadays – Focus India’s learnings from visiting Accenture & the SWISS POST

Written by Michelle Erdin

The Focus India Delegation had the unique opportunity to visit the Accenture Future Camp, and the SWISS POST headquarters to learn how innovation happens nowadays. At both firms, we were encouraged to come up with innovative ideas to increase customer value as well as the user experience with a digital and innovative component. 

Accenture’s Future Camp

At the Accenture Future Camp, Andreas Volz, Associate Director, and his team hosted a highly interactive innovation workshop. The Future Camp brings clients as well as other ecosystem participants together to collaborate on projects. Similarly, Accenture also has innovation hubs in India. During the On-Site Seminar, Focus India will visit one of Accenture’s Indian innovation hubs in Bangalore. While the Future Camp in Zurich focuses on idea creation, the Innovation Hub in Bangalore is all about demonstrating digital innovations.

For the workshop, the delegation was split up into teams to work on Indian use cases. We were given the task to come up with innovative business models to increase the user experience. Moreover, we were guided to closely follow an idea building process with close instruction by the Accenture innovation team. One key challenge that we, and also many clients face, is the identification of what the customer actually needs and a compelling user experience for the desired needs. We subsequently developed team solutions and prioritised these strategies as one concrete business model. In the end, we pitched our business ideas. We learnt about the difficulty to develop business models that simultaneously create customer value and financial viability.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to interview Andreas Volz, Associate Director and Sebastian Guenther, Ventures / Open Innovation Lead, giving us more insights on innovation at Accenture and how Focus India provides our platinum partner with added value. 

Watch the video below and read more about the visit at Accenture on the Focus India website!

by Michael Egorov

Innovation at the SWISS POST

Innovation at SWISS POST mainly focuses on digitally transforming current business processes, client services, and products. SWISS POST applies a problem-solving approach for innovation projects. They start by identifying customer needs then targeting and tailoring solutions to those needs. Furthermore, SWISS POST also highlighted the importance of communication and change management to transform most effectively and reach wide acceptance. Khalil Bawar, Head of Espace Lab, showed us the state-of-the-art Espace Lab, an idea creation space and collaboration zone to work on new business ideas in a highly inspirational environment, which also involves engaging and collaborating with startups, thus encouraging open innovation. Khalil Bawar stressed how open innovation and collaborating with a vast network of partners can help to foster corporate cultural change by continuously learning to digitally adapt current business processes. To learn how this is done, we were given the task to improve SWISS POST business services into “smarter solutions”. It was highly interesting and a real hands-on experience. Some of the ideas that we came up with were a simplified registered letter handling system, a free parking spot app and a drone delivery service for gifts.

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