Written by Barbara Matic

Did you know that Switzerland is number 3 in the OECD ranking when it comes to waste production after the US and Denmark? An average Swiss person produces up to 703 kg waste per year where half of it gets incinerated while the other half is being recycled!

Introducing this shocking fact to the audience, Vice president of the ZeroWaste Association Switzerland Michelle Sandmeier was peppered with questions about the topic “From Waste…to Zero?” during the connectUS Preparatory Seminar. Everyone was listening interestingly and carefully to her simple and green lifestyle while she was presenting her self-made hygiene/ beauty articles and sharing advice on how to do groceries more consciously and sustainably with textile shopping bags and glass containers.

Everyone appreciated her open, honest and non-judgmental approach where she encouraged the audience to come up with own ideas on how to reduce personal waste and make adaptations to his or her individual lifestyle. Moreover, the seminar established awareness about the fact that it is up to every individual to take a decision on how to make a difference in the world. The introduction of the well-known R-Models, consisting of actions like refusing, reducing, reusing and rotting, the audience was guided through a step-by-step procedure with some impulses for further thoughts.

By refusing the use of business cards, plastic bags and straws as well as take-away food boxes, first sustainable steps are already implemented in a daily routine. And how about bringing your own coffee-to-go cups and drinking out of reusable bottles?

Taken by the gained insights and actions of Michelle, one or the other may be hopefully inspired to visit more often the farmers market for groceries and take the challenge of reducing waste!

To gain more impressions, watch the video below!

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