China Impressions from Uli Sigg

Written by Changeetha Chandran and Philippe Muff

On Tuesday, 12th February the participiants of Insight China had the great opportunity to attend an interview and Q&A session with Dr. Uli Sigg, China expert, art collector and most notably, Former Swiss Ambassador to China.

On the question where he sees the difference between Swiss and Chinese students, Mr. Sigg answered that the Chinese students are extremely ambitious. For Chinese families, even the choice of the kindergarten is carefully made, and going to University is viewed as essential for young Chinese people to succeed. During the discussion, attendees of the Preparatory Seminar could see pictures of the art collection of Dr. Uli Sigg. The discussion was followed with an insightful Q&A session.

Uli Sigg is highly recognized for his art collection. With 2,500 works he has formed the most substantial collection of contemporary Chinese art in the world of which in 2012 he donated 1,450 to M+ Museum for Visual Arts in Hong Kong.

Listen in to the beginning of the interview where Nadine Hitz from the project team inquires about Mr. Sigg’s first contact with China and then the education system of China as well as its comparison with the Swiss model.